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Quality through Experience

A Greener Perspective, Inc. is the result of thirty-seven years combined experience in the field, a formal education in Plant and Soil Technology, and a desire to create landscape perfection.


We are a horticulture company providing landscape design, arboriculture, installation and maintenance.  We specialize in pruning and hedging, with 

the utmost precision. 


It is our goal to meet and exceed all of our customers' goals.  Share your thoughts with us, and we will create your Greener Perspective.


We are located in Stonington, Connecticut, and we cover a thirty mile radius.  We would love to take a look at your property, and to fulfill your landscape needs.






Bearing Fruit

Cultivating healthy, thriving plants is our objective.  We will do everything we can do to keep your plants beautiful, producing the flowers and fruit you desire.  We will employ every organic means possible to ensure your plants will be healthy for years to come.  We are constantly educating ourselves with the latest methods of organic plant culture.


We have been specializing in pruning apple, and other fruit trees for over twenty years.  The cold winter days are the appropriate time for us to prune your fruit trees for shape and fruit production.  A properly pruned fruit tree will be aesthetically pleasing, as well as create the optimal growing conditions for the best fruit.  



Latest Projects

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